18 Holes at Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf

There’s nothing better than loading up your car with your golf clubs and heading off for a quick round of golf on a Saturday, or so they say. Golf hasn’t really appealed to me but crazy/adventure golf? Now you’re talking!

Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf can be found just outside Milton Keynes – known worldwide for it’s links to the Caribbean… and roundabouts, and is 18 holes of pirate-themed mini golf. It’s actually located on the site of a professional golf course so I did feel a bit of a fraud rocking up and asking to play the pirate golf!

Mr Mulligan's Pirate Golf

I’ve played a few adventure golf courses over the years and I have to say that this one is actually very nicely themed. There’s quite a bit of detail from props and scenery to lighting and sound effects. A couple of the holes were also pretty lavish with the first starting off on the top deck of a pirate ship and another on a small island which you get to by hoisting yourself across on a raft. Who’d have thought that adventure golf was good for a calorie-burning workout?

The course is well-kept and I think would be very fun for couples, families or parties. I had been to this particular course once before and there appeared to be a stag party of around 8 young guys dressed as pirates and one dressed as a parrot. I like to think that he heard everyone say they were going as parrots instead of pirates. Either way he had the best costume.


There’s a good range of holes with some that are easy to some which require a bit more skill. However I don’t think young children would struggle. Obstacles, check, water jump, check, tunnels, check, big ramps, check.

What I would say is that on a few occasions my ball did end up escaping the confines of the course and ended up rolling away down the path or into a stream. A bit of rope around the edge of the putting area might have helped contain the ball a bit better.


It was pretty quiet when we visited with around 15 or so people on the course. As such, there was no waiting to play and we were finished in around an hour. It took around twice as long when I visited in the summer but it wasn’t a problem as everyone was enjoying the weather and having fun. However, a bar selling drinks and ice cream near the 9th hole would have been good!

Mr Mulligan's Pirate Golf

At the time of writing it was £9 per adult to play which is quite pricey for adventure golf but I’d feel a bit more shortchanged if the course wasn’t maintained or themed to such a high standard but that’s par for the course.

Mr Mulligan also have a range of other themed adventure golf courses across the UK including dinosaur and jungle/under the sea themed courses.


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