Kings Elite Snacks – Traditional BBQ Jerky

I’m not an expert on jerky and eat it very rarely. It’s fair to say that I only know about jerky from watching American films and TV shows where people grab big strips of the stuff from tall jars in convenience stores and filling stations.

Spotting this traditional jerky on the shelves of Waitrose I decided to give it a try for myself. I expected the packet to contain strips of jerky like they eat in the USA but found it to contain strips that had been cut into small squares. Rather than holding a strip and tearing it with your teeth this is a nice packet of bitesize pieces. Very civilised and very British!

These are the traditional BBQ flavoured variety which I thought would mean that they were either going to be uncooked in the middle or burnt to a crisp but alas they have been marinated in some kind of BBQ sauce.

Kings Traditional BBQ Jerky

The taste and texture was quite familiar and reminded me very much of BBQ ribs from a Chinese restaurant – albeit not covered in sauce and certainly a lot easier to eat. Since it’s jerky it’s quite tough and chewy to eat but it’s not going to leave you chewing for hours at a time. I was expecting the flavour to be really strong but it’s well balanced allowing you to savour both the taste of the beef and the BBQ sauce.

Whilst the jerky is manufactured in the UK, the beef used is from British and Irish farms. It’s also lean meat and as the packet clearly points out – it’s over 30% protein and less than 2.5g fat per pack.

I did enjoy eating this but I find jerky a bit of an odd thing. I can see the appeal of grabbing a strip to snack on when you are on the road but I’m not sure I’d put a packet in my packed lunch. If jerky is the new kid on the block then it will be squaring up against the big boy of the grab and go snack meats – Peperami – and I do love the spicy taste of a Peperami. Kings Elite Snacks do make biltong alongside their jerky including one that’s a chilli beef flavour so perhaps I need to find that and give it a try.

Product & Price Information (at the time of writing):

  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • £1.99 Waitrose.
  • 291 kcal/100g.

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