Miller’s Elements – Premium Crackers

I am a huge fan of cheese and crackers. After a fancy dinner out I’m always pleased to see a cheeseboard rather than a sweet and sickly dessert to bring my dining experience to a close. That said, I’m more pleased to see a cheeseboard and a sweet and sickly desert!

On my quest for foodstuffs made in Britain I came across these Miller’s Elements crackers in Waitrose. With flavours based on the elements of water, earth and fire, each cracker is hand-made in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, by Artisan Biscuits, using local British ingredients and techniques dating back nearly 80 years. I bought the whole collection, obviously.


The purpose of a water biscuit, in my opinion, is to act as a vehicle for cheese and chutney to get into my mouth and these certainly deliver, literally. They are light and crisp but don’t have a whole lot of flavour. In fact, I’d liken the taste to a plain ice-cream cornet. That said, it’s exactly what you want from a water biscuit as it helps you enjoy the flavour of any cheeses, dips, pates or chutneys that you want to consume. When I tried these with some mature cheddar I couldn’t taste the cracker at all and it provided a nice light crunchy texture to accompany the cheese.

Miller's Elements Crackers


These are made from beetroot, potato and spinach and I thought that, oddly, they smelt like flapjack – which isn’t a bad thing! These are slightly thicker and denser than the water biscuits and have a satisfying snap. They are distinctly reddish in colour thanks to the beetroot which I found to be the dominant, but not overpowering, flavour. When eaten with cheese I found it tasted like a cheese and vegetable pie, which, again, isn’t a bad thing!

Miller's Elements Crackers


The two key ingredients in these crackers are oak-smoked flour and crushed red chilli. Both ingredients are very noticeable and they work really well together. Texture-wise they are coarse and crumbly and not too dissimilar to the earth crackers. They have an amazing smell akin to a distant bonfire which comes across as a nice smokey taste when eaten. The chilli packs more of a punch than I was expecting and they are actually quite fiery. When laden with a mature cheddar the punch of the chilli is diffused considerably but the smokey taste remains.

Miller's Elements Crackers

All in all these are three great crackers when eaten with cheese but I also recommend the earth crackers as a snack that can be enjoyed on their own. I couldn’t decide which was my favourite but it would have to be either the earth or fire crackers. If push came to shove I’d probably opt for the earth crackers as a snack and the fire crackers as my choice to go with cheese. It’s a shame that there’s no cracker themed around the element of wind but any food that claims to give you wind would probably not be a big seller.

Product Information (at the time of writing):

  • Made in England.
  • £1.95/box Waitrose.
  • Water: 361 kcal/100g.
  • Earth: 454 kcal/100g.
  • Fire: 425 kcal/100g.

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