The Karma Cola Collection

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend and the weather is actually amazing for once! Enjoy it while you can as I’m sure it’ll all go downhill from here! As it’s been so warm I have been on the lookout for something cold and refreshing to review on the blog and I came across these drinks from Karma Cola.

One of the reasons I went for these drinks, other than the fantastic packaging and because they are made in the UK, was the fact that they contain Fairtrade and ethically-sourced ingredients ensuring that the growers receive a fair price for their products. Splendid stuff.

The first drink I tried was Gingerella which, as you might imagine, is a ginger ale. I’m partial to a ginger ale every now and then and find them quite refreshing – apart from the ones which are too spicy which require a further drink to extinguish the fire in your mouth. However, I found Gingerella to be sweet with a subtle ginger flavour and a distinct hint of vanilla (which I think adds a lot to the overall flavour). If this were a curry it’d be a korma rather than a jalfrezi, so it’s perfect for a summer’s day!

Next up I tried the Lemony Lemonade. Like the ginger ale, this wasn’t too sweet and I didn’t find it to be overly lemony despite the fact that it’s 31% lemon. It was very pleasant and tasted like traditional lemonade made with real lemons. I can’t say that it tastes better or worse than other “real” lemonades but for the conscientious consumer who wants to buy Fairtrade, this is great.


Finally, I tasted the Karma Cola which I would describe as a “real” cola in that it tastes more like cola than chemicals. If you’ve ever eaten a cola-flavoured lollypop, or a cola cube sweet, this has a very similar flavour. As such, I’d describe the taste as more organic and botanical and I personally found it to have a mild treacle taste. I did enjoy drinking this and I would buy it again.

Overall, I found all three Karma Cola drinks to be very pleasant and I give extra points for the fact that they are all Fairtrade. You can read more about the Karma Cola Foundation and their social mission on their website. I see that they have now teamed up with Honest Burgers… I feel a trip to London coming on

Product Information (at the time of writing):

  • Made in the UK.
  • £1.59/bottle Waitrose.
  • Gingerella: 45 kcal/100ml or 149 kcal/330ml bottle.
  • Lemony Lemonade: 40 kcal/100ml or 132 kcal/330ml bottle.
  • Karma Cola: 42.8 kcal/100ml or 141.2 kcal/330ml bottle.

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