A Day at the Hatfield Food Festival

I heard about the Hatfield Food Festival only a few days ago and since the weather was absolutely glorious on Saturday I decided that it would be a good idea to pay a visit. I like food and I like the sunshine so this sounded like the perfect combination!

The grounds of Hatfield House are very beautiful and a great location for what I would call a giant garden party. However, the key element to this party was food and there was a lot of it about.


There were stands and stalls across the site from lots of companies selling British produce which made this blogger very happy! Most of the stallholders had free samples to try from sausage, pickles and cheese to chocolate, cake and fudge (which I am enjoying as I write this blog!). There were also quite a few stalls selling alcohol with samples of cider, gin and vodka to taste. It was really fun being able to try foods that you might not normally try. On the whole, I liked most things that I tried and snapped up a few items to take away. I should say that it cost £11 per adult to get in to the festival, and with purchases, it probably cost me closer to £40.


Aside from the stalls there were product demonstrations and hands-on masterclasses including a couple of sessions with celebrity chefs which on Saturday turned out to be The Fabulous Baker Brothers. Perhaps it was seeing them that inspired me to bake something today, except that when I started assembling ingredients I realised that we didn’t have enough sugar. Darn it!

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a food festival if you couldn’t buy food and drink to eat there and then and there was a wide array of stalls selling burgers, hot dogs, BBQ and street food from around the world. Whatever your tastes, I think you were pretty much covered. I spent a good amount of time sat on a hay bale in the warm sunshine enjoying some live folk music with a pint of cider whilst the smell of BBQ wafted across my nostrils – it was bliss.


Overall I really enjoyed attending my first food festival and I would very much like to do it again. The weather really made it enjoyable and I don’t think it would have had such a great atmosphere if it had been raining and you couldn’t sit outside or on the grass. However, being able to try food and drink made in the UK, including items I had never even seen before, was probably one of the highlights. This included charcoal cheese, chilli-infused ginger ale and toffee vodka. One of these items will be appearing in a review on this blog in the not too distant future so keep an eye out for it!


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