Fenlands Toffee Vodka

Let me start by saying that I don’t drink a lot of alcohol and when I do drink I tend to drink ale, lager or cider. I am really not a fan of spirits and I especially hate vodka. Who drinks vodka for the taste? I find it disgusting and I can just about manage it when it has been mixed with cola or something similar.

However, and this is a big however, I recently attended the Hatfield Food Festival and tried a sample of this Fenlands Toffee Vodka and it has completely changed my opinion on the stuff. Ok, so this isn’t a bog standard vodka, which I still despise, but I have to say that I love this toffee vodka. It probably helps that it’s got a shed load of sugar in it making it very sweet but it also has a very nice flavour that is most definitely toffee.


Fenlands make drinks in Upwell, Norfolk, including a range of flavoured vodkas including a chocolate vodka (which I tried but didn’t think was as good as the toffee vodka) along with different liqueurs. Their toffee vodka is their biggest seller, unsurprising given how good it tastes, and can be purchased in 25cl and 50cl bottles.

At 26% ABV this is quite strong but it’s also very smooth and doesn’t taste nearly as alcoholic as you would expect so it’s very, or perhaps too, easy to drink! It’s designed to be drank cold on its own, or with ice, but I can also see the suggestion of using it in coffee or with vanilla ice cream going down particularly well. As a cheeky dessert drink, this stuff is awesome! The only downside is that I found it quite difficult to open the bottle given that the cork is covered in black wax – although I admit that it looks good!

Product Information (at the time of writing):


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