A Splash of Summer: Yarty Cordials

In addition to the Toffee Vodka I recently picked up at the Hatfield Food Festival I also picked up some non-alcoholic drinks in the form of these cordials from Yarty. I drink a lot of cordial (or squash as I call it) and Yarty had some interesting flavours to choose from, so I picked up a few bottles. Well, it’d be rude not to!

Up first was the rhubarb & ginger cordial. I feel sorry for rhubarb as it’s often shunned in the food industry for other flavours like strawberry, lemon, lime and blackcurrant (unless you live in the USA where blackcurrant doesn’t get a look in and grape is king!). There must be some reason why we don’t have rhubarb flavoured fruit pastilles or chocolates with rhubarb fondant. However, I digress. As for this cordial, the rhubarb is sweet, and not tart, and the ginger compliments it well. Based on this I’d like to see more rhubarb-flavoured drinks as it is quite delicious.

Yarty Cordial

I also tried the elderflower & goosegog cordial. Like the rhubarb cordial, this is sweet and fruity, but I think I could drink greater quantities of it than the rhubarb & ginger as the flavour is a bit lighter and perhaps a tad more refreshing. For good measure, I also bought a bog-standard blackcurrant cordial to see how it compares to the likes of Ribena. As you can probably tell by the photo this has a rich dark purple colour and is much more like a syrup than the other cordials. It was a good cordial but I’m not sure it was significantly different to any other blackcurrant squash on the market.

Overall, I enjoyed trying these cordials but I found that you need an awful lot of the stuff to get a strong flavour which makes it quite expensive. Perhaps I’m spoiled by the double-strength squash on the market or perhaps I’m just a bit of a glutton as I drink squash by the pint – yeah, I’m a cheap round on a night out!

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