Ombar: Organic Chocolate… with Coconut

I, along with many people, like chocolate and I especially enjoy trying chocolate that I’ve never tasted before. I’ve never tried Ombar chocolate before so I’m in for a treat… literally!

Ombar manufacture organic, vegan and ethical chocolate so it ticks quite a few boxes. It’s also made in Cambridge so it ticks the most important box for this blog. As you might expect the ingredients themselves are not necessarily British with the cacao sourced from Ecudador, coconut products from the Philippines, Vanilla from Madagascar and fresh fruits from across Europe.

This isn’t normal chocolate. Firstly, since it is vegan it contains no milk or other diary products and uses coconut ‘milk’ instead. There’s also no refined sugar with whole coconut sugar being used to sweeten the cacao which itself is raw complete with all the minerals and goodness that it contains. The ingredients are all natural and there are some vegan live cultures added to make it even healthier. So, on the case of it, this sounds like some pretty healthy chocolate. However, none of that matters if it doesn’t taste particularly nice. On to the taste test…

Coco Mylk Buttons

This is milk-free milk chocolate. The dairy substitute is creamed coconut and this is very evident from the taste. That said, this is very good chocolate (and their best seller) with a strong cacao flavour accompanying the coconut. I like coconut so I’m absolutely fine with this and I think it adds another dimension. If you made chocolate buttons out of Bounty bars, I imagine they would taste like this (but less sweet).

Coconut & Vanilla Centres

If the buttons above tasted like coconut then these give you a big coconut-flavoured smack in the face – so much so that I couldn’t really taste the vanilla. In fact, I couldn’t taste it at all. I’d go so far as to calling this a coconut cream chocolate bar. Very pleasant with a pleasing smooth texture in the middle.

90% Cacao

On the one hand, this doesn’t have the overwhelming taste of coconut that the previous chocolate had, but on the other hand, it’s a very bitter chocolate given that it’s 90% cacao. I couldn’t eat a lot of this myself but if you like really dark chocolate then this will be right up your street. I’m also surprised that this is only 1 calorie less than the coconut & vanilla truffle bar!

72% Cacao

There’s not much more to say other than it’s like the 90% cacao bar but less bitter and that it tastes marginally more like coconut. If you don’t like coconut I don’t think this would offend your tastebuds. 72% is clearly the sweet spot.

Mandarin Centres

Also known as chocolate orange. To be fair to Ombar this really does taste like mandarin rather than generic orange so it’s unlike any other orange-flavoured chocolate that I’ve eaten. This works really well but I’m personally not a big lover of mandarins and prefer oranges – even that generic orange taste.

60% Coconut

Can you guess what this tastes like? This is like the above, sans mandarin flavour and with added coconut flavour. I think I prefer it to the mandarin as it tastes like Bounty, which I like. This is also a fair bit sweeter than the 72% and 90% bars and I reckon I could eat this in fairly large quantities. Just watch me!

Raspberry & Coconut Centres

This is an exceptionally soft and smooth chocolate which is lovely and velvetty. The raspberry taste is quite subtle with the chocolate and coconut being the stronger flavours. Raspberry and coconut isn’t the classic combination like strawberries and cream but it’s ok. However, my favourite is definitely the vanilla and coconut.


In summary, I did enjoy trying these Ombars but I found that the coconut did become a bit much after a while overtaking all the other flavours – which is great if you are coconuts about coconut (sigh!). If you are a vegan then these are definitely worth a try if you are in need of a sweet fix and the fact that they are organic and ethical are a happy bonus. Ombar? Om nom nom.

Product Information (at the time of writing):

  • Made in Cambridge, UK.
  • £1.99/35g bar and £1.79/25g bag (buttons) Ocado.
  • Coco Mylk Buttons: 594 kcal/100g or 149 kcal/25g pack.
  • Centres – Coconut & Vanilla: 577 kcal/100g or 202kcal/35g bar.
  • 90% Cacao: 575 kcal/100g or 201kcal/35g bar.
  • 72% Cacao: 583 kcal/100g or 204kcal/35g bar.
  • Centres – Mandarin: 566 kcal/100g or 198kcal/35g bar.
  • 60% Coconut: 577 kcal/100g or 202 kcal/35g bar.
  • Centres – Raspberry & Coconut: 577 kcal/100g or 202 kcal/35g bar.

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