Marmite Flatbreads

Marmite. You either love it or hate it. I love it which is why this is the second Marmite-flavoured product that I have reviewed for this blog. Following on from the Marmite Biscuits, today’s yeasty snack will be these Marmite Flatbreads. Let’s get cracking – literally.

Marmite Flatbreads

Someone needs to tell me what the difference is between a flatbread and a cracker as I genuinely don’t know. These flatbreads/crackers are coated with a Marmite flavouring and topped off with melted cheddar cheese. Like the Marmite Biscuits these do smell and taste just like Marmite and they certainly have that distinctive bitter taste to them. I think that it’s possible to taste the cheddar cheese on the top, but only just.

Marmite Flatbreads

I really enjoyed these and they work really well as a snack. At 40kcal per flatbread, and the fact that they are quite moreish, I think it would be all too easy to eat too many and gain a few pounds in weight. I’m not entirely sure what I’d put on these to make them better. Butter might work. What about Marmite and cheddar – now that’s a thought!

Product Information (at the time of writing):

  • Made in England.
  • £1.99 Waitrose.
  • 441 kcal/100g or 40 kcal/9g flatbread.

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