Marvellous Milk Chocolate Flapjacks

Flapjack. It’s an odd kind of word. It’s a very British kind of word. Whatever the origin of the word I associate it with a tasty treat made of oats, sugar and syrup that goes down exceptionally well with a cup of tea!

I picked up a pack of these from Thomas J Fudge who you may remember that I recently wrote about as the makers of the fine Marmite Biscuits. The pack contains 8 pieces of flapjack made right here in the UK – Dorset to be exact. This is about a fine a flapjack as you’ll ever find on these shores since it’s sweet, soft and dipped in delicious chocolate in one corner. I’d have no hesitation devouring the whole packet to be honest (though on reflection, eating two pieces was more than enough in one sitting!).

Marvellous Milk Chocolate Flapjacks

Unlike some, this is devoid of any fruits like raisins and sultanas and is a plain flapjack which is flavoured with sugar, butter and agave nectar. The chocolate itself tastes familiar and reminds me of the chocolate found on a Marks & Spencer biscuit. At over £3 a box these are pricey but would almost certainly satisfy someone looking for a sweet flapjack treat. My only criticism would be that I think they might be a tad too sweet (both the chocolate and the flapjack) and that they are perhaps not as good as a freshly homemade batch, but then nothing rarely is!

Product Information (at the time of writing):

  • Made in England.
  • £3.25 Waitrose.
  • 473 kcal/100g or 170 kcal/36g flapjack.

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